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Dr. Wills was born and raised in Wilkes County, GA and attended the University of Georgia. Upon receiving his B.S. in Chemistry from UGA, he began pursuing a medical degree from the Medical College of Georgia and graduated in 1985. After completing his general surgery residency in Spartanburg, SC, he returned to the CSRA and founded McDuffie Surgical Clinic. Dr. Wills is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and is a board certified general surgeon. He has been practicing general surgery locally for over 30 years. Dr Wills and his wife, Lucie, reside in Thomson, where she continues to lead and provide guidance to the McDuffie Surgical office staff; a position she has maintained for over 20 years. They are proud parents of their two children, Bob and Anne and their four grandchildren Riley Kate, Ellis, Hampton, and Cullen .



Dr. Bowers was raised in Thomson, GA and attended Sewanee University in Tennessee where she graduated with honors while competing as a member of the women's varsity basketball team. She was awarded her medical degree from Lincoln Memorial University – DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2015. Having been named Chief Surgical Resident, she completed her residency training at Stony Brook Southampton located in Long Island, NY.  Dr. Bowers is a board certified general surgeon. She is married to Jefferson Dillon Bowers, who served our country as a Green Beret and subsequently earned a Master's Degree from Harvard while Dr. Bowers was in residency training. They reside in Thomson with their son, Cullen. They are thankful for the opportunity to return home and are excited to continue serving this great community. 


Founded in 1990,  McDuffie Surgical Clinic is a privately owned medical provider and family initiative offering a broad range of general surgical services. Our pursuit as surgical practitioners is deeply rooted in our family's longstanding history of commitment to the well-being of our community. For over five generations, we have made it our mission to exceed the expectations of our patients and peers. This opportunity to serve our fellow man has allowed us to cultivate close partnerships and serve alongside institutions such as Piedmont Hospital McDuffie, and the many talented local physicians and private practitioners in the area. We believe that careful attendance to the strength of these relationships further ensures patient/physician continuity and greatly augments the ability to provide the highest standards of medical care for the citizens of our great community.


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Our patients deserve to be cared for by well-rounded physicians. Over the years, the scope of our service offerings and core competencies continues to expand. We are pleased to announce that we now offer both laparoscopic services in tandem with traditional open surgical procedures. Laparoscopic surgery has been proven to provide patients with less postoperative pain, a speedier recovery, and a shorter hospital stay. As surgical techniques and their respective technologies continue to evolve, our team at McDuffie Surgical Clinic will endeavor to adapt appropriately. Yet, despite the popularity of modern laparoscopic and robotic procedures, we maintain that there are situations in which open surgical techniques are preferable and should be carefully weighed  based on the needs of the individual patient. The well-being of our patients takes priority, and we firmly believe that this objective and conscientious approach will continue to contribute to successful patient outcomes. 


Please click the button below for a  list of our service offerings. 

Home: Services

McDuffie Surgical is pleased to offer dependable, convenient and cost-effective outpatient surgical services to our patients. Many minor procedures are completed in our new office building at the same office visit as your initial consult. Major surgeries are performed at the newly built facility, Piedmont Hospital McDuffie, which is located just a short drive or "walk" through the parking lot from our office. We are able to coordinate outpatient laboratory studies and imaging at the hospital as needed. 

Our skilled and thoughtful approach ensure a timely and patient-centered experience.  At your visit, either at the hospital or at our office, you will directly see Drs. Wills or Bowers and not a physician extender. We take special pride in the personal interaction with our patients, knowing the importance of face to face discussion. You will also directly see Drs. Wills or Bowers at your procedure, during your entire hospital stay, and again for follow up in the office. Drs. Wills and Bowers are intimately involved in your care every step of the way. 

Our phones are answered directly by our office staff, not an answering service. Our staff - Mimi Dent, Karen Saggus, Ivy Land, Lane Thrift or Lucie Wills - will attend to your needs promptly and efficiently. You will hear directly from Drs. Wills or Bowers as needed for call backs. You can make initial appointments simply by calling our office directly (no referral necessary) or by referral from your primary care physician, Piedmont Hospital McDuffie emergency department, or any other physician. We will be happy to see you and care for you.


Office: (706) 595-9950

Fax: (706) 597-8820

Or visit our new office location...

**Our address is 2512 University Dr, Thomson, GA. We apologize that Google Maps has not been able to accurately update our location. We are located in the office complex beside Piedmont McDuffie Hospital for reference. Also, if you search Georgialina Physical therapy (Thomson, GA), we are located in the back of that office complex.

Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience. 

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